Little Sweeties provide...

  • Nannies
    including Nanny Shares, Holiday Nannies and Before and after school nannies
  • Maternity Nannies
  • Mother’s / Father’s Help
  • Nursery Staff
    including Nursery Nurses, assistants, supervisors and managers
  • Event Nannies
  • Babysitters

Little Sweeties are based in
Fleet, Hampshire
01252 854389 or 07917 217277

A big warm welcome to Little Sweeties

Little Sweeties is a caring, friendly & independent childcare company, established to help, support & provide the finest quality and the highest class of carefully vetted and approved childcare professionals.

We are a highly regarded agency providing childcare professionals throughout Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey to various different settings including private homes, nurseries, playgroups and even hotels for special events. Whether you require full-time or part-time, permanent or temporary, or perhaps even emergency childcare, we have the perfect solution to suit every need and all requirements.

Little Sweeties understands that each client's needs may be different, so our dedicated team will closely liaise with you to ensure we gain a full insight into your requirements and select the best solution and the most successful match to your needs.

Little Sweeties is committed and dedicated to providing a professional, efficient and reliable service, continually offering only what we believe to be the very best. This ensures that you receive confidence, peace of mind and a hassle-free experience throughout..

Little Sweeties...
caring for the next generation.

If you have any comments or suggestions with regards to any of our services or our website, please contact us as we are always interested to hear from you and gain feedback.

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