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Information about Event Nannies

Are you planning your big day? Are you arranging an event or function? With so much to plan where's the best place to start? The food needs to be organised, the entertainment needs to be booked and there's also the decision of who to invite and the predicament of their children. Are the children going to be attending all of the event or perhaps just part of it? Will the children be happy and entertained? Little Sweeties has the solution.

We offer a specialist service providing outstanding childcare professionals, such as nannies, for your event. This could be a wedding, christening, launch party, children's birthday party, open day, conference or dinner party.

Little Sweeties can supply childcare for the full day, part of the day or perhaps just for the evening at your special event. We can provide childcare and supervision throughout the meal at your function or why not take advantage of our evening babysitting service allowing you to enjoy the after-hours festivities and celebrations.

Our childcare professionals have the skills and experience to provide a safe, fun and entertaining environment for the children ensuring they are stimulated and happy throughout. The children can enjoy playing with toys, taking part in art and craft activities, games, and much more.

Our service is tailored to meet your specific needs and provides parents with confidence and peace of mind knowing that their children are being cared for and having fun, so the occasion is enjoyed by everyone.

We also offer parents the opportunity to have their own private nanny for a special day. This could be an invite you have received as a family and you would simply like some help and assistance for the day. We can supply your child/children with their own nanny to care, entertain and supervise throughout.

If you require childcare at your function or you would like more information, please contact us or simply complete our enquiry form.

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